As a child, what would you say you wanted to be when you grew up? A pilot? An astronaut? A teacher? For me, it went from being a police officer > architect > pastry shop owner > many other things. And now, David and I both dream to travel. That’s why we sold everything and spent 14 months on the road.

We intended to travel full-time for years, but quickly realized that full-time travel just wasn’t for us. Our dreams changed from wanting to travel full-time to wanting to travel for a few months at a time, then return “home.”

We are staying in Oregon for an undetermined amount of time, while we work towards this new goal.

To be clear – we are not done traveling. We are just done traveling constantly

Austin, Texas

In order to reach the future that we envision, we need to make some money… plainly speaking. If we knew we’d be back here in just over a year, we would have done the travel thing differently. But we’ve learned a lot, and that’s why we need a steady income and a place to call home.

Luckily, not even a month into the job search, I am proud to say I’ve accepted a position at Lifestyle Properties as Assistant Property Manager. This is really exciting to me, because it’s in an industry I am passionate about and want to be involved with in the future.

Another development in the Team Dasey lifestyle is that we are wanting to build up our financial stability through real estate investments: specifically, we’d like to buy and flip houses. We are in the process of looking for fixers in Salem, McMinnville, and Newberg areas that fit within our budget.

This means you’ll probably find us in Oregon for quite some time. YAY!

So the general plan is to stick around the lovely Willamette Valley until we reach a point where we can confidently take extended trips and return to our home base. Our dreams and goals have changed, and that’s okay. Here are two things we know for sure.

We hiked to the top of the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota.

We do not regret our travels.

In no way do we regret spending 14 months road tripping back and forth across America – twice! We don’t regret visiting family and friends along the way, nor do we regret seeing so many landmarks & pieces of history, or making memories. However, we’ve learned from these experiences, and if we could go back in time, we’d probably do things differently. That’s life. But we are so happy we did it.

There is so much more to this world than the 30-mile radius most people live in. We aren’t done yet.

If you haven’t been outside of your work-to-home “bubble” in awhile, it’s about time you go. Get out. See something new. You don’t have to go to a new country to experience a new culture. There is so much to be seen in just the USA. Take some time to explore, even for just a couple days. 

We saw a big portion of the US, but we aren’t even close to being finished with our travels. We’ve got all the other continents to see!!

With all that being said, this website may take a different turn in the future. We’re not sure where it will go, but we will happily post life and travel updates here and there, like the cruise we took for our 5 year anniversary in September. 😀

Eastern Caribbean Cruise in September 2018.

Mostly, I’d just like to say thank you for your support, friendship, and encouragement. It wasn’t easy selling everything and being absent for over a year. And on the flip side, it’s not easy returning to our “old lives” that lack the familiarity that we were hoping for. But in this holiday season, we’ve found peace and happiness in being close to relatives and making progress toward achieving our new goals.

I’m sure you’ll see us around, and if so – please say hi. 🙂

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