If it hadn’t been for Facebook, I wouldn’t have remembered that 5 years ago today, David Hostetler and Casey Bowman had The Talk and “officially” started dating. (Shh, don’t tell David I would have forgotten.)


Here are a couple fun facts for you:

  • Our first date was actually on March 5th. It was a Monday. We had dinner at Lil’ Cooperstown in Newberg. We walked from my apartment, then walked back home, then walked all over town, talking the entire time. There may or may not be the initials DH and CB on a sidewalk somewhere on Villa….

    David joined me at a Great Gatsby themed dance.
  • David knew he wanted to marry before we started dating. It took him about 5 or 6 months to woo me over, but whatever he did worked really well.

    He told me he had a Harley. I told him I had a Harley too (“Harley” the cat).
  • We didn’t make it “Facebook official” right away. He wanted us to tell our family first that we were in a relationship because important people shouldn’t hear about important things on something as impersonal as social media.

    Undergrad Ceremony 2013
  • A month into our relationship, we had a conversation about marriage. Obviously, it went well.




I love this guy! Celebrating our 5 years of dating each other. May the dating never end.