What a fun time it has been! After visiting with family in Central California, we made our way along the coastline to LA. Specifically, we were on our way to WeHo (West Hollywood).

There’s this really cool site called Overnight, and if you are in a group with people, you can save money by staying at homes of these trusted group members. In essence, we stayed at a place in West Hollywood for $40 a night instead of $140. (Also, I later learned it’s practically the original Overnight house, because the founders of Overnight live there! Kind of a cool bonus.)

A few days prior, I had acquired tickets to Let’s Make A Deal and to The Price Is Right. However, The Price Is Right was scheduled a day earlier than when we planned on being there. So I frantically messaged my friends in the area asking to stay just one night, and my good friend from college, Josh Enobakhare, said we could crash at his place in Long Beach. 🙂 We stayed for one night at an AirBnb in Paso Robles with two awesome people (Brian & Nikki! Sometimes you get to meet some amazing people during your travels. Brian and Nikki are like family now, and we can’t wait to see them again!), then drove through San Luis Obispo, Pismo, Ventura, Malibu, etc. to Josh’s apartment in Long Beach. Josh was so accommodating and we really enjoyed talking with him about making videos on Youtube. Funny… we still have yet to post any cool travel video… Oops.

We woke up SUPER early the next morning to drive to Hollywood and get in line for the Price Is Right by 8am.

Waiting in line at The Price is Right!

While waiting in line, we were recruited by a CBS employee for Let’s Make A Deal (to which we already had tickets, but she said that going through her department can get someone a slightly better chance of being called up on the show!). We were pretty happy about that. ANYWAY, as much as I want to divulge everything, we sign a contract in the beginning to not share details of their process or contestant/winner information so as to not ruin the surprise and the magic. All I can tell you is that you can spot us in TWO episodes of The Price Is Right, airing on February 21st and 22nd. (I know, right? So. Far. Away.) But that’s nothing. Our taping of Let’s Make A Deal won’t air until May 4th! (May the Fourth be with you.) WITHOUT A DOUBT you’ll be able to see us in Let’s Make A Deal because we were literally sitting RIGHT BEHIND Wayne Brady & the Contestant area. No joke. Also, it was freaking awesome.

Guys, I can’t tell you how cool of an experience that was. Both shows are unique in their own ways, and both are incredibly fun. I would highly recommend that you get yourself tickets to these shows next time you’re in LA. Free tickets! Seriously. Message me for the contact info of the CBS agent, or you can just secure your free tickets below. (You’ll have to go during their taping season.) Priority Tickets mean you are guaranteed a seat if you show up on time. General Tickets mean that you will probably get a seat if you show up on time. Waitlist means you’ll be emailed a day or two in advance if there’s extra room.

Tickets to The Price is Right.

Tickets to Let’s Make A Deal.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Guest Room in West Hollywood. It was just a block off of Sunset Boulevard, and was only a short walk to dinner every night. We explored Hollywood Boulevard & the Walk of Fame, and relaxed in the hot tub at our Overnight home. Okay, I’ll say it: I loved staying in WeHo. I’d go back. Also, I loved talking with our host, Lindsay McCormick. She’s the bomb, and super inspiring.

We wanted to stay in the area just a bit longer, and to figure out our next travel steps, so we found an AirBnb in Westminster (Huntington Beach area) with Laila. And she has a kitty! I was so happy. (Laila, how is Ziggy doing, by the way?)

We spent most of our time resting/relaxing, using the hot tub, and setting up a plan for the coming week. We knew we were headed down to San Diego (separate post coming), but had family that we wanted to visit in Riverside. Hello, T.J., Carmen, Tiffany, Roman, & Spencer! We felt so blessed to stay a night with this great family. It is truly inspiring to see a thriving, well-balanced family with great values. Thank you for being great role models!

Ahhhh, there are so many reasons as to why you should stay with people when you travel! If we just stuck to a hotel, we would never have met Nikki & Brian (with whom we are planning a Vegas getaway), we wouldn’t have discussed video technique with Josh, we wouldn’t have been inspired by Lindsay, and we wouldn’t have relaxed and felt so at home with Laila. I can’t emphasize enough – you need to incorporate home sharing websites into your leisurely travel. We’ll let you in on some secrets in another post.

In summary, we left McFarland (the almond farm) on Monday, October 9th and we arrived in San Diego on Wednesday, October 18th. Here’s the San Diego post. 🙂

And just because, here’s this cool photo of the Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica, CA