Yes, I’m referring to the kefir that I occasionally find in grocery stores. But I’m also referring to the fact that it’s been awhile since we’ve posted about our travels…

So, hello there. 🙂

I feel like I’m that college friend who went “soul searching” for a semester, not keeping in contact, only suddenly to return and be like “Hey, bestie!”

It’s a little awkward to return to the blog after so long and post something about our travels since San Diego **which was back in NOVEMBER. But hey, I’m going to do it and you’re going to like it. Promise 🙂

I’m actually going to tell you about what we’ve been doing the past few months. This post will be less about travel experience, and more about our process, ideas, and random things that we do on a regular basis. This is how we travel.

If you haven’t jumped on the Airbnb bandwagon yet, you’re missing out. We’ve found that you can pay roughly $60-70/night at a budget hotel (typically Queen or King bed, WiFi, and free “breakfast”), OR you can pay $50-$60 for an Airbnb private room with private bathroom, no crowds, and all the features of a home away from home.

New to Airbnb? Click here for a $40 travel credit when you sign up. (We’ll also get $20 when you complete a trip, so win/win.)

Prices and amenities, of course, depend a lot on location and how often it attracts tourists. Needless to say, we’re hardcore fans of Airbnb and similar websites. For stays of 2 nights or more, we’ve only ever used Airbnb or the homes of friends/family.

I could honestly write many blog posts about Airbnb, but I’ll save those for another time. Just understand this is our choice method of going from place to place on a budget.

David can touch on this much more than I can, but remember when we sold our house? Yeah, we took the money from that sale and have invested nearly all of it by using Etrade and, maybe to your surprise, cryptocurrencies. David is devoted to increasing our capital, and therefore he persistently researches these markets to hopefully make the best trades. Sometimes they don’t work out, and sometimes they do. We intend to sit on some of these investments for an extended amount of time, so that they can essentially fund our future travels.

We have also been talking about investing in Real Estate and have several Airbnb’s around the nation or world, but that’s just a dream we’re working on turning into reality. 🙂


Working out with Fayth at Planet Fitness!

Health & Fitness
I got a membership to Planet Fitness back in December (YAY!), so David and I can go to any PF location and use their equipment. It’s a pretty sweet deal for only $21.99 a month. We’ve also started monitoring our food intake (as I sit here drinking a Grande Smoked Butterscotch Latte from Starbucks…) since the beginning of January. We have some B-HAG fitness goals (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals – thanks Darren Hardy!) for this year, and we’re pretty set on meeting them.

Baked Salmon Fillet, Sauteed Peppers, and Leafy Salad – Dinner on Jan 26th

Our days usually consist of low carb meals (e.g. bacon, eggs and cheese; salad and grilled or baked chicken; salmon and sauteed peppers; etc.) and about a 30 minute workout or a 60 minute walk around our neighborhood. We’re using MyFatnessPal – excuse me, that should be MyFitnessPal – to track our food and exercise.

It’s one thing to be able to cook meals for yourself when staying in a house with a kitchen and necessary cookware. But what’s really fun is when we have to take this meal plan on the road! We experienced that for about a week, when we drove from New York down to Florida.

To every mom reading this, here’s a trick you’ll thank me for later: When you go on a long ride in the car, tame the hunger by “meal prepping” before the trip. Buy some vegetables (red/green peppers, cucumber, celery, or broccoli, etc), cut it up and put it into Tupperware or plastic bags in a travel cooler with you. In addition, purchase some deli meat, such as turkey or ham, and roll up a couple slices with a veggie to munch on when you get hungry in the car. You can even add cheese (or peanut butter, for the celery) for a little something extra. Super easy prep and much better for you than the Big Mac that I know you so desperately want instead.

We’ve noticed some small changes in ourselves – pants fit better, we can do workouts better, and also that we’re not as “hungry” (or hangry) as we used to be.

We’ve done a weight loss challenge in the past, and both of us lost quite a bit of body fat in 3 months, and it was great! Then we found our old eating habits again and gained it all back. We’re pretty dedicated to our ideal body shape, so we’re really wanting to make that become a reality this year, even with our crazy nomadic lifestyle.

Planning Ahead
One thing that is pretty important to us is to not be wondering where we’re going to sleep each night. That means that we have a goal of planning our travels out at least 2 weeks ahead. For example, next week, we’ll be in the Bahamas to celebrate my birthday (it’s not really a vacation, still just travel), then we’re headed to New Orleans for Mardi Gras! After the 13th of February, we have no set plans, but at least we have some time to figure it out. There was one day in our first week of this lifestyle that we had no idea if we’d have a place to sleep or not. We tried to book a campsite in CA last minute, but were unsuccessful online – the reservation had to be made in person and was first-come-first-served. Fortunately, we did get a campsite, though it was a bit stressful. We want to minimize that stress, but of course, we can adapt.

Super windy in South Miami Beach!

We’re really enjoying this lifestyle, and still have so much to look forward to. As I promised earlier, we’ll give you some insight about our travels in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, all the way up to New York, and even our time here in Miami, but that will have to be in other posts to come. We’re still trying to figure out this blog – let us know how we’re doing! Send us a message and tell us if you like/dislike our posts, or if you want to see some different content. Are we writing about the right things? What else do you want to see? (We’ll be working on a comprehensive photo gallery also.) Thanks for your warm wishes, thoughts, and prayers. Yes – we’re being safe! 😉

That actually wasn’t too awkward at all!

Until next time,